How to Choose the Right Saree As Per Your Body Structure and Weight

Sarees are the best outfits for women, no matter what profession you are into, or what your age group is. The best thing about the Sarees is that they can be worn for almost all occasions, whether you are at home, traveling, in office, attending a wedding, or any other function.

They look great on you if you wear them as per your body shape, height, weight, and your color complexion. A right saree will help you hide the flaws in your body, and also enhance your beauty. It does not matter whether you are young or old, the right saree will simply add to your elegance and gracefulness.

Here are some of the tips that will help you choose the perfect saree for yourself:

Plus Size Women

Cotton or starched sarees will make you look broader and bulkier than you are. Thus, it is suggested that you avoid wearing cotton sarees for any occasion or even while at home. Instead, you could opt for silk or chiffon sarees, as they make you look slim. If you are a little short and heavy, then you could avoid wearing printed ones.

If your bust line is broader than average, then you could choose to wear a V-shaped neckline blouse. Also, wearing a full sleeve blouse can help you cover your not-so-thin arms.

Slim Women

If you are slim, then you could opt for fluffy or cotton material. It will add volume to your not-so-curvy body. Puff sleeved blouse will work quite well for your thin arms. You could also opt for tissue sarees, as they make you look curvy.

Tall Ladies

For all those who are tall, need to avoid sarees with less or no prints. Designer sarees or the ones with large prints will look perfect on you. Large prints usually help in diverting the attention from your tall and skinny body. When it comes to choosing the perfect evening wear for people who are tall, there are a lot of options. For a sexier look on any special occasion, you could consider wearing net or any thin fabric saree, along with a low neck blouse.

Short Women:

If your saree is making you look shorter than you are, then you need to consider changing your wardrobe. Short women need to go for sarees with small or no borders. Also, lesser the prints, the better it is for you.

Hour Glass figure:

If you have a well maintained body shape, a perfect hourglass figure, then your choices are not limited. You could choose to wear any saree depending on your choice, be it tissue, cotton, silk or any other material, you will look gorgeous. However, you need to pick colors that suit your complexion.

Pear shaped body:

If the lower part of your body is huge, then try wearing flatter underskirt. The ones with flare will make you look bigger than you actually are. Besides, try avoiding sarees that have frills or any patch

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