Body Structure Appropriate to Purpose of Creation

Dear Readers,

In today’s article, I would like to present some examples from the social system we live in. As we look carefully into the events that we witness every day, we see that the individuals within the society are equipped with different qualifications according to the jobs they perform.

# Extrovert people for jobs that require activity

Economic activities based on goods and service production, without doubt, constitute the most important part of the jobs in the human society. The major part of the goods and service production comprises of the jobs which are performed using physical strength. Thereby, a considerable part of the people in the society is equipped to perform those active jobs. (Extrovert- active people)

Those people who will perform active jobs are created with extrovert qualities as they must be alert for accidents or unexpected challenges. As their jobs require abundant energy, their physical mechanism that creates energy is built accordingly. It is not a coincidence that most of them like oily, hot and sour food in order to meet the vitamins and minerals needed for such a physical form. As they do not need an ability of reasoning for their jobs, they are provided with a narrow reasoning to evaluate and care for people in their immediate environment which we call practical intelligence and they are equipped with various abilities to generate practical solutions immediately for the problems they face.

# Introvert people for mental jobs

Production of goods and services are certainly not limited with physical activities. There is always the production-related research, training, education, designing and planning processes that take place prior to these production activities. The people who will work at this research and planning process, which requires less people than more active jobs, are equipped with qualities to implement the mental activities. (Introvert -mental people)

These people are blessed with an advanced mental ability, which we call theoretical intelligence, as they are responsible for research, design and planning and their jobs need a high level of reasoning. Their brain and nerve physiology are also structured accordingly. As they are engaged in jobs that require constant use of intelligence, they seem to live in their own world of thoughts. Could they be the author of great numbers of new inventions by presenting different ideas, if they didn’t have such an intellectual concentration? It is not a coincidence that the people who are engaged in such intellectual activity need plenty of carbohydrate because the brain can only use glucose as the source of energy.

# Organizing types for management jobs

Less people with management abilities are required to manage the work and people in both parts of the society. Those people, managing the organization in the society, are blessed with the abilities to perform these jobs. (Organizing types)

Management is one of the hardest and the most stressful jobs without a doubt. It requires the ability to oversee the events, plan the future, act to satisfy the needs of people in consideration of their psychology. On the other hand, it is a sophisticated job which requires mental and physical energy that will enable them to monitor and organize the works and create immediate solutions for any setbacks. Therefore, the people who will perform these jobs are blessed with high physical and mental abilities as they are expected to perform both active and mentally challenging jobs successfully.

# Emotional types for recreational, entertainment and artistic activities

The works that human beings do are certainly not limited with production and economic activities. They also need recreational, entertainment, moral and emotional activities besides production. Therefore, some of the people are blessed with gifts as sensitive psychology, creative and extensive imagination, and observation, concentration and perception abilities to evaluate the events from a different perspective in order to meet the emotional needs of the people. (Emotional types)

Dear Readers,

As known, some scientific findings were recently obtained showing that the differences in human behaviors were related to the use of different lobs of the brain. However; it is not important in this context, what the mechanism of the event is and how it works. The important thing is that people are blessed with different structures and abilities to cope with the requirements in the society.

Even though people are encouraged to engage in different professions through artificial means, such as various selection and placement examinations, the Creator guides them towards the jobs suitable for their innate disposition through the “pleasure and suffering” mechanism He provided them with. Everybody inclines towards jobs which are appropriate to their innate disposition and they enjoy doing, leading up to the place where they should be. Just like the population of man and woman being organized to be equal and the relevant mechanisms taking effect to make up for the numbers if one of them decreases for any reason.

# Nobody has superiority over the other.

Dear Readers,

In fact, nobody has superiority over the other in this system. Everyone performs their own function. Just like the several parts of a car designed and programmed to run together.

Therefore, we will be mistaken, if we see the events from a point of view that does not apprehend “the system” and “the organizer”.

Nothing was left missing in the divine system by “Creator and Organizer” (Allah). Nothing is wrong or inaccurate. Doing mistakes is a quality of the humble human being.. Allah (swt) is excluded from any defect or deficiency. He doesn’t make mistakes. He created everything in order. The material and spiritual conditions are stated in a perfect directive called Qur’an in a way that people from all levels can understand. Not to mention the hundreds of examples provided.

Therefore, all the kindness, favors and goodness are related to the appropriate usage of this equipment (system). What happens if we use this equipment for our pleasure (self)? All the things, when any equipment is used without referring to the manual… The user will then bear the consequences.

Be entrusted to Allah.

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